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‘S.M. Entertainment’ (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) cherishes your personal information and complies with the law regarding “information communication usage promotion and information protection law”. The Companyinforms you how we will treat the personal information you provide and which measures willbe carried out for personal information protectionthrough personal policy. The Company will post a notice on official website (or individually) in case of amendment of privacy policy.

Article 1. (Collecting Personal Information)
The Company collects the following personal information to provide better services: (a) Name (b) E-mail address (c) Mobile phone number.

Article 2. (Purpose of Using Collected Personal Information)
The Company collects the personal information to verify the identity of the user and to apply for audition.

Article 3. (Period of Storage and Using Personal Information)
As a rule, the Company promptly destroyspersonal information when collected and the purpose of use is complete. However, the following information can be stored for a specified period of time for the following reasons:

1 Company Policy
- Prevention of misuse
Records of misuse: Store for one (1) year

2 Relevant Law
The Company will store personal information in case of necessity prescribed by the related laws and regulations such as commercial law and electronic commercial law for a certain amount of time. In this case,the Company will use the informationonly for purpose of storage and the period of storage is described below.

- Electronic commercial law
Records on customer complaints or dispute settlements: Store for three (3) years
- Information communications network act
Records on identification: Store for six (6) months
- Protection of communications secrets act
Records on visiting: Store for three (3) months
I agree to the collection and use of my personal information.
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